Past Meeting Topics

February, 2017
Curriculum Choices

January, 2017
Homeschool Resolutions

December, 2016
Homeschooling as a Lifestyle

June, 2016
Summer Plans

May, 2016
Guiding, Leading, and Sitting Back

April, 2016
Logistics of Learning

March, 2016
Mix-It Up March (open topic)

February, 2016
Parent, Teacher, Leader, Guru...When it All Becomes Too Much!

January, 2016
Transitioning between Homeschooling Approaches

December, 2015
Homeschooling and Community

November, 2015
Sex and Sexuality Education

October, 2015
Hands-on Math nd Science

September, 2015
Sharing Our Learning Journey:Resources/New Discoveries/Curriculums/Inspiration

August, 2015
Best Practices for Transitioning to Fall

March, 2015
Youth librarians from Skokie and Evanston Public libraries sharing their homeschool programs

February, 2015
Connecting and Re-connecting our kids during the cold, cold winter